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painting cantonYour personal taste is always evolving. As you experience more things and become aware of different trends and styles, what looks good to you can change. The same things apply to your home’s interior and its paint colors. After a few years, you may want to update the paint color to reflect your current style preference.

With the right paint colors, you can change the mood and energy of a room. Alongside that, you can subtly influence how people perceive a room’s size. By painting certain areas inside a room with the right colors, you can make it appear smaller or larger than it actually is. But the great thing about interior painting Canton GA residents ought to know is that it is not just about the aesthetics. Of course, there is no denying the fact that interior painters Canton GA can weave their magic and give homes a quick and easy makeover. But beyond that, house painting offers a few other benefits.

For one, you will be able to fortify the defenses of your house’s ceilings and walls against different factors working to undermine their structural integrity and stability. Chief of these is moisture. This will allow you to take better care of your investment.

Repainting your house can also allow you to protect the health and wellbeing of your loved ones. According to interior painters Canton GA residents seek for their expertise, many old homes have been painted with paints that contained a substantial amount of volatile organic compounds. These compounds have been found to cause allergies and other health issues. Repainting interiors with new types of paints currently available in the market helps prevent these illnesses.

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Scheduling Interior Painting Canton Pros Share Thoughts

Here at Elite Painters Canton, one of the questions that we frequently get is how often should interiors be repainted.

According to some house painters Canton GA residents know, interiors should be repainted every three to five years. But that is just a basic guideline. When it comes to interior painting Canton GA homeowners should know that not all the rooms in their properties will wear out at the same time. In short, you will need to repaint some rooms more often than others.

Among the different areas in your home, entryways, hallways, and corridors need to be repainted most often. Typically, you will need to repaint these areas every two to three years because of the high level of foot traffic they get.

Adult bedrooms are often repainted only when their occupants want to redecorate or if the property is put on the market. Kids’ bedrooms, on the other hand, should be repainted every two years to account for the flurry of activities inside there.

For kitchens and bathrooms, we recommend repainting these areas every three to four years. Aside from the high volume of traffic in these areas, you also need to factor in the moisture, smoke, and grease which can shorten the lifespan of the paint.

Rooms that receive the least amount of traffic like guest bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms can be repainted every five to seven years.

Of course, you can repaint your home sooner than these recommended timelines if you want to change its colors or if you are selling it.

Interior Painting Made Convenient

No matter how small or big your home improvement project is, you will need all the help you can get. For your painting needs, including interior painting, you can count on Elite Painters Canton to deliver stellar results.

We understand that not everyone has the time and energy to devote to interior painting Canton GA residents included. Or perhaps you do not want to deal with the uncertainties of taking on a project you have no experience doing. For these reasons, you can rely on experts in painting Canton residents know and trust.

There is no magic trick to what we do – only dedication to our craft.

We start by talking to you. We want to hear what your goals are as well as your personal circumstances. This allows us to draw up a plan that will answer all or most of your needs. You can count on us for objective advice that can help you make informed choices.

After our initial consultation, we will check the areas that need to be repainted. This allows us to evaluate the surfaces and gauge the amount of work required.

Before commencing any painting work, we will make sure that the work area is clear. Aside from ensuring that we can work unencumbered, this also prevents accidental stains and damage to your property.

From there, we will prep the surfaces that will be repainted. This process involves cleaning the surfaces, removing old paint, and applying the primer.

We are proud of helping our clients achieve stellar results for their home improvement projects. A lot of that has to do with using only the best tools and supplies.

Finally, we will clean up your home before turning it over to you. We want you to enjoy your house after the disruption caused by the repainting project.

Whenever you are ready to repaint your house, you can call us here at Elite Painters Canton.

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