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house painters in canton gaYour home’s exterior says a lot about you – your personal taste and the level of care you give to the things that you own. What will your home say about you?

Exteriors are often the first thing that people notice when they set foot on a property. They are your first opportunity to make a good impression, not only on houseguests but even potential home buyers.

Over time, paint loses the benefits it offers to you and your property. According to experts in exterior painting Canton GA locals know and trust, the combination of constant exposure to the elements, pollution, and organic growth can all wear away paints.

At some point in time, you will need the services of exterior house painters Canton GA homeowners call on for assistance: Elite Painters Canton. Estimates vary from one painting company to another but generally, you should repaint your house’s exterior every five to 10 years.

However, that is only a basic guideline. Some parts of your house will need to be repainted more often than others due to a variety of factors. Typically, areas that receive more sunlight than others, especially if there is little shade in those areas will need a fresh coat of paint sooner than the others.

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When to Call in House Painters in Canton GA for Exterior Painting

House painters in Canton GA say that usually, you do not have to wait for five to 10 years to elapse before you repaint your home. Home inspection is a vital component of home maintenance. And if you find the following warning signs during one of your inspections, you should immediately call the pros to repaint your home:

Paint discoloration
Over time, paint will fade. But some parts of your home that get more sunlight will fade faster than the others.

But aside from making your home look old and unsightly, experts in exterior painting Canton GA property owners count on for help say that faded paint colors can indicate a larger problem – moisture has seeped beneath the paint.

Bubbling, peeling, cracking
Sometimes, these physical signs of deterioration indicate the ill effects of the elements on the paint. But there are also instances that these signs indicate something graver at play.

These three can indicate that rot or mold has set in on the exterior surfaces of your home, requiring immediate repairs or outright replacement.

Damaged caulk
Caulk is used to create a strong seal between two surfaces. You can often find it on doors and windows.

Although caulk is elastic, exposure to the elements can rob it of that ability. Eventually, you will notice it shrinking or cracking.

When you notice any of these, it is a clear sign to repaint your home.

Selling your home
If you are selling your property, you should ask painters to work on your home. According to top painters and realtors, a paint job is one of the best things that you can do to make your home more appealing to buyers. Plus, it can help increase your property’s value.

How We Paint Exteriors

Exterior painting can be quite tricky, not just because of the knowledge and skills required. You also need to have the right tools and equipment to do the job properly and safely, especially if you are working hard to reach areas outside of your home.

Here at Elite Painters Canton, we can help you repaint your home properly without compromising safety.

We like to begin the actual painting process by talking with you. We want to know and understand your goals for repainting your home. We can also provide you with objective information on all matters related to painting to guide in your decision making process. We believe that is what sets us apart from the rest of the painting companies in Canton GA.

During the consultation, we will also take a look at the areas that need our skills and expertise. We can help you identify potential problem areas so that these can be fixed.

For the actual painting, we begin by preparing the surfaces that are going to be painted. That step includes cleaning and sanding the surfaces, removing old paint, and applying primers. For exterior painting Canton GA homeowners ought to know that this step is essential for proper paint adhesion.

To ensure that your project is completed on time, we will send the right number of personnel to work on your house. Our goal is to complete each project as soon as we possibly can to minimize the inconvenience on your part.

When you are ready to repaint your home, Elite Painters Canton to schedule a consultation.

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